SMITH Automates Operations and Frees Up 400 Billable Hours with Mavenlink

May 11, 2017

SMITH Automates Operations and Frees Up 400 Billable Hours with Mavenlink

SMITH is the leading agency delivering fully integrated digital commerce solutions. In 2012, they began looking for a solution that would help streamline operations. This was the start of the SMITH and Mavenlink relationship.

Who is SMITH?

The SMITH brand was launched in 2012 following the merger of leading internet marketing and technology company, Ascentium, and global ecommerce service provider, Cactus Commerce. Combining the two companies uniquely positioned the agency to solve client problems, but it also introduced major operational challenges. They were both using many different systems and homegrown tools that were clunky and cumbersome. After an initial settling-in period, the primary focus was looking at how to simplify operations to be more efficient.

The Challenges Faced by SMITH

Following the merger, SMITH faced the challenge of trying to operate the business using a plethora of tools that were not capable of integrating with one another. Both organizations had systems for time capture, expense management, resource management, and project management. They didn’t trust the reports in the homegrown tools, and all the useful data was locked in disparate systems. The impact was an inordinate amount of time required to collect, populate, cleanse, and pivot relevant data in spreadsheets.

From Steven Bergman, Director of Business Operations at SMITH, “Before Mavenlink, I spent most of my week pulling data from multiple systems, to make sure it was clean so we could discuss how we were doing.”

The Switch to Mavenlink

The tipping point for SMITH came from the desire to have better information. “One day our COO asked me why it always took so long to get accurate and reliable reports,” said Steven. “He was right. It shouldn’t take this long. I knew there had to be a better way.” SMITH set out to find a tool that helped to consolidate systems, ease operations and offer more visibility and control into profitability and utilization.

The Benefits of Mavenlink for SMITH

  • Saved Over 800 Hours of Annual Administrative Work
  • Freed Up 400 Billable Hours
  • Improved On-time Entries To Over 95%

What did Mavenlink Replace?

  • Spreadsheets
  • Homegrown time tracking systems
  • Multiple older third-party systems
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