Primitive Spark Improves Utilization and Profit Margins More Than 100% with Mavenlink (Video)

Aug 08, 2018

Primitive Spark Improves Utilization and Profit Margins More Than 100% with Mavenlink (Video)

Digital marketing agency, Primitive Spark, began their search for one, unified project management tool about two years ago when faced with immense growth. Enter, Mavenlink.

Who is Primitive Spark?

Primitive Spark is an award-winning digital marketing agency with offices in Los Angeles and Denver. Specializing in user-centered digital product design, with a primary focus on complex applications, the team at Primitive Spark is passionate about cutting through big data to create simple interfaces.

Two years ago, Primitive Spark began to pivot towards focusing on web app development specifically for B2B organizations. The company experienced substantial growth during this time of transition, as more resources were required to keep up with demand. Today, Primitive Spark has nearly doubled in size. To efficiently manage incoming demand, almost half of their team consists of freelancers, UX professionals, and independent web developers.

The Challenge

Primitive Spark hit a tipping point where their growth outpaced their operational efficiencies. The company had no way of seeing all of the moving parts that occurred during a project’s lifespan. It was nearly impossible to understand the financial impact that their decisions were having on margins. From Brooke, “In the past, we would hope and pray we would hit our project margins. We had no real insight until the project was complete, and it was based on the data we had access to in the Google Sheets.”

The Benefits of Mavenlink

  • 136% Increase in Profit Margin
  • 116% Increase in Billable Utilization
  • Simplified Systems Footprint from 4 to 1
  • Newfound Visibility into Real-Time Business Performance

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