Metova Increases Billable Utilization by 10% With Mavenlink

Apr 22, 2021

Metova Increases Billable Utilization by 10% With Mavenlink

Metova, Inc. is a technology firm that helps companies transform their business through technology to meet the growing expectations of modern customers. Learn how Mavenlink helped Metova improve their billable utilization through project management success.

About Metova

Metova strategists and architects have helped companies solve problems, from health care to lawn care, and heavy machinery to heavy metal music. Metova works with each company to figure out what’s best for both them and their customers. And as an Advanced Consulting Partner of Amazon Web Services, and Gold Partner of Microsoft, Metova has access to resources and services that help companies innovate faster, more efficiently, and at a lower cost.

The Challenge

As a technology firm supporting the needs of clients around the world in the field of telehealth custom solutions and internet of things custom solutions, Metova needed to juggle a wide variety of projects, each with their own unique demands and teams. However, Metova’s dependence on several legacy solutions, including an abundance of Google Sheets, were growing increasingly limited in capabilities as the organization grew.

The Switch to Mavenlink

As Metova continued to grow and experience success, the company found that it was time to move past Google Sheets and find a solution that could scale with their continued growth in the coming years. After searching for a new project management and PPM solution, the team at Metova decided upon Mavenlink. This was thanks to Mavenlink’s ability to meet several critical demands for Metova’s long-term needs, including Jira compatibility, reporting capability, and on-demand project visibility.

The Results

  • 10% increase in billable utilization
  • Standardized project management processes
  • Portfolio-wide visibility and control
  • Company-wide adoption for project management and time tracking
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