Listen Now: Roger Neel on The Tech Talks Daily Podcast

Apr 23, 2020

Listen Now: Roger Neel on The Tech Talks Daily Podcast

Roger Neel, co-founder and CTO of Mavenlink for over 11 years, is an accomplished web designer, Ruby on Rails engineer, thought leader in agile software development, mentor to startup founders and software developers, and a strong advocate for pair programming.

Roger joined the Tech Talks Daily Podcast to explore the topic of burnout. Roger states that “one of the major factors that contribute to overwhelmed staff members is a lack of focus of vision from management – resulting in too many conflicting projects and priorities. For example, if you give someone 20 tasks and say they’re all critical, they’ll be overwhelmed. If instead, you’re more focused and do a better job prioritizing, people are less likely to wind up overwhelmed with their task list.”

Listen below for the full interview with Roger Neel.

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