Golden Spiral Increases Utilization Rates by 21% in Two Months

Oct 27, 2017

Golden Spiral Increases Utilization Rates by 21% in Two Months

Golden Spiral is an integrated marketing agency focused on meeting the unique needs of B2B companies in the technology arena. Established in 2011, the company excels at translating complex tech-driven offerings into market-focused solutions that speak to buyers’ real needs.

Who is Golden Spiral?

Golden Spiral was using multiple, decentralized tools for managing project tasks, tracking time, and communication. According to Peter, “We had LeanKit, a Kanban style product, which we used primarily as a core project management tool. This was where we mapped out project plans. It just wasn’t right for an agency framework like us.” Golden Spiral also used Basecamp for internal communications, and Harvest for time tracking.

Having multiple, disconnected systems for critical parts of the business created many inefficiencies: there was really no type of financial tracking and all financial reporting was done in spreadsheets. There was no way to view status of project, and tasks were getting lost.

Challenges Prior to Mavenlink

According to Peter, “One of the biggest pain points was having all our project tasks in one place, and all our time tracking in another. Jumping between the systems had a negative impact on our workflow. Also, it was impossible to look at a project as a whole and know how we were doing. Especially as we experienced change in project execution, we just couldn’t stay on top of all the changes and come out on top.”

What Mavenlink Replaced: Harvest, Basecamp, LeanKit Kanban


  • Utilization Rate Improved by 21% Within Two Months
  • More Projects Delivered On Time and On Budget
  • Increased Adoption of Software and PM Best Practices
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