TribalScale Improves Resource Forecasting with Mavenlink

Jun 06, 2019

TribalScale Improves Resource Forecasting with Mavenlink

TribalScale creates digital solutions for web, mobile, and emerging technologies to transform clients into digital-first companies. Learn more about how Mavenlink helped TribalScale refine their processes for a new stage of success.

About TribalScale

Global innovation firm TribalScale helps enterprises adapt and thrive in the digital era by transforming teams, building best- in-class digital products, and creating disruptive startups.

The Challenge

As TribalScale began providing services for more types of technology from different delivery centers, the team became unable to forecast and predict resourcing needs. “As we grew the company, we built an internal allocations tool to figure out project assignments and help us with forecasting,” said Mitch Seguin, Chief Product Officer at TribalScale. “However, as we scaled, that process began to break quickly. We wanted to make more data-driven decisions and model around our resources and forecast, so we started investigating other tools and came across Mavenlink.”

The Switch to Mavenlink

The search for a resource management system that could support their unique needs led to TribalScale choosing Mavenlink, which beat out competitors including FinancialForce. TribalScale also saw how Mavenlink would continue to grow with the company in the years to come. “Mavenlink is enabling us to redistribute allocations more broadly to more people, which is giving product managers the ability to get the right resources on projects,” said Sequin.

The Results

  • Improved Forecasting Reach from 28 Days to 120 Days
  • Salesforce Integration Empowers Resource Managers with Sales Data
  • KPI Insights Improve Project Margins
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