Navigant Consulting Increases Efficiency to Drive Profitability

Apr 23, 2018

Navigant Consulting Increases Efficiency to Drive Profitability

Navigant Consulting applies experience, foresight, and industry expertise to pinpoint emerging opportunities to help build, manage, and protect the value of their clients’ businesses. Find out how Mavenlink helped Navigant increase efficiency to drive profitability.

Who is Navigant?

Navigant Consulting is a publicly held global professional services firm that combines deep industry knowledge with technical expertise to enable companies to defend, protect and create value. The firm serves clients primarily in the healthcare, energy, and financial services sectors which represent highly complex market and regulatory environments.

The Challenge

Over the years, Navigant developed homegrown systems and sophisticated spreadsheets to help run their business. However, information needed to be extracted from multiple systems and input into an Excel file, which could only be done once daily. As the company and number of projects grew and became more complex in nature, their needs outgrew the capabilities of their existing systems.

The Shift to Mavenlink

Navigant wanted to switch to an innovative, modern technology solution that would help them be more predictable in how they managed their business. They declared the mission for the search to “deliver a transformational change in our operating model that optimizes skills and collective knowledge through a real- time resource, knowledge, and project management system.” In the end, it was Mavenlink’s modern and intuitive UI, unique product capabilities for professional services organizations, and vision for the future, that beat the competition.

The Results

  • Reduced non-billable time staffing projects form days to minutes
  • Improved strategic deployment of resources
  • Better hiring practices based on forecasting decisions
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