MGT Consulting Increases Margins by 50% With Mavenlink

Sep 17, 2018

MGT Consulting Increases Margins by 50% With Mavenlink

MGT Consulting Group is a nationwide management consulting firm providing diverse services to a variety of public sector agencies and educational institutions. Find out how Mavenlink helped MGT increase revenue, sales, and margins by 50%.

Who is MGT Consulting Group?

Established in 1974, MGT has a national reputation for customized solutions, objective research, and creative recommendations from a team of experts that respond to each client’s unique needs and time requirements. As a consulting group focused on improving quality of life for people served by their public sector clients, MGT’s mission is to provide high-quality, value-added solutions that exceed expectations and deliver a powerful return on investment.

The Challenge

After depending on a custom-built solution that was showing its age during a period of rapid growth, MGT needed a project management solution that could support their agility and flexibility as a business. The new tool also needed to solve the fractured cash cycle and slow-moving processes that resulted from their legacy solution. With these demands, the MGT team knew they needed a solution that could track a project from its proposal all the way through its final invoice.

The Shift to Mavenlink

Mavenlink provided MGT with the out-of-the-box flexibility, easy of use, and cross-platform access they needed to effectively manage all stages of the project lifecycle and more fully utilize their resources. Within the first year alone, MGT had migrated thousands of projects and had a 100 percent employee adoption rate of Mavenlink. “Efficiency and productivity were the biggest factors in our decision to use Mavenlink,” said Jennifer Niccolai, Director of Human Resources. “For us, people are everything, so ensuring they have a platform to be efficient and productive was essential.”

The Results

  • 50% increase in sales, revenue, and margins
  • Integrated accounting and billing for increased cash flow
  • Improved financial forecasting for up to 12 months in advance

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