Mavenlink Helps Pexlify Increase Billable Utilization by 10%

Jan 31, 2019

Mavenlink Helps Pexlify Increase Billable Utilization by 10%

Pexlify is a trusted Salesforce partner that provides flexible solutions and first-class consultancy services designed to help clients solve their most complex requirements. Find out how Pexlify improved billable utilization by 10% by using Mavenlink.

Who is Pexlify?

Pexlify is a Platinum Salesforce Partner responsible for implementing solutions customized to a variety of client demands. Certified and experienced Salesforce consultants, Scrum Masters, and project management professionals work with a broad range of clients and industries in the UK, with projects varying in length from a few months to years.

The Challenge

Pexlify used a variety of solutions for daily internal business needs, including Microsoft Excel for resource, time, task, and expense management, as well as Team Gantt for project management. However, these disparate systems made reporting on resources difficult. The Pexlify team found it hard to determine if there were enough resources in place, track day-to-day utilization, and compare resource availability against pipeline. Pexlify needed to report more effectively on ongoing projects for better internal strategy, including tracking engagement or properly responding to a potential delay.

The Shift to Mavenlink

Mavenlink’s resource management capabilities helped Pexlify fulfill demands and create data insights that were not possible with legacy solutions. “Mavenlink is solving project planning from financial and resource points of view,” said Gearoid Beggan, Senior Engagement Manager at Pexlify. “This is really important because it sways business decisions and helps us plan very accurately for upcoming projects. Mavenlink is the source of truth.”

The Results

  • Utilization rates increased by 10%
  • Pexlify’s project portfolio grew by 300%
  • Accurate pipeline reporting with Mavenlink Insights and custom reports
  • Detailed reports on project billables and resourcing graphs

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