Health Catalyst Improves Business Processes and Increases Consistency in Project Delivery with Mavenlink

Sep 03, 2020

Health Catalyst Improves Business Processes and Increases Consistency in Project Delivery with Mavenlink

Health Catalyst is a leading provider of data and analytics technology and services to healthcare organizations. Learn how Mavenlink helped Health Catalyst improve their project insights and resource forecasting through successful project management.

About Health Catalyst

Health Catalyst helps clinicians and technicians in more than 250 hospitals and 3,000 clinics care for more than 70 million Americans every year, with clients ranging from large academic medical centers to small community hospitals and physician clinics.

The Challenge

As a successful, continually growing business, Health Catalyst needed a strong project management solution for its needs. The team had been using Excel for managing resource allocations, with every client and team member listed in spreadsheets and then matched depending on team member allocation and assignments to projects over three to four months.

In addition, Health Catalyst was using Intacct for time keeping, contract storage, and invoicing. However, these systems caused limitations in project management and challenges that Health Catalyst needed to solve, including a lack of data insights and a lack of clarity in project management.

The Switch to Mavenlink

The resource management challenges faced by Health Catalyst continued while the company experienced continued growth and success. This led to a search for a new dedicated resource management solution, with the Health Catalyst team deciding on Mavenlink for the company’s unique needs.

Among the reasons why Health Catalyst chose Mavenlink were strong resource management with crucial control over business processes while also being easily adoptable by all team members, time tracking that could be 100% adopted across the organization, and a focus on customer service.

The Results

  • Consistency in Successful Project Delivery
  • Improved Interdepartmental Communication
  • Deeper Resource Data Insights
  • Stronger Resource Forecasting
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