CBI’s PMO Increases Billable Utilization By 30% With Mavenlink

Apr 28, 2020

CBI’s PMO Increases Billable Utilization By 30% With Mavenlink

CBI is dedicated to protecting clients’ data, reputations, and brands. Learn how Mavenlink helped CBI’s PMO improve interdepartmental alignment and project insights for a 30% increase in billable utilization.

About CBI

CBI’s dedicated team of highly trained experts serve the unique needs of clients with strategy advice, innovation through integrating security with systems, and continued management for optimized protection.

The Challenge

In the early years at CBI, team members adopted a variety of systems to support their various needs. As the business grew, the number of solutions increased, without any of the systems standing out as the de facto for the organization. As such, data was siloed and could not be shared, systems became outdated, and time tracking became inconsistent.

The Switch to Mavenlink

As CBI continued to grow and deal with increasing challenges from their outdated array of systems, they began the search for a modern project management and professional services automation (PSA) solution. Their search led them to Mavenlink.

“Mavenlink had the right combination of PSA and project management for CBI. The perfect level of customization, a PMO, and the quality of data really sealed the decision for us. As we grow, I feel that Mavenlink will be there to meet our needs,” said Erica Lusk, Project Manager at CBI.

The Results

  • PMO’s billable utilization increased by 30%
  • Improved interdepartmental alignment
  • Detailed insights lead to greater project success
  • Improved time tracking supports a growing business
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