Anywise Consulting Reduces Time Spent on Reporting by 60% with Mavenlink

Feb 07, 2018

Anywise Consulting Reduces Time Spent on Reporting by 60% with Mavenlink

Anywise Consulting was established in 2014 in Brunswick East (VIC), Australia to deliver Specialist Business Development, Engineering, Project Management and Logistics Support. When faced with significant growth, Anywise began the search for a new tool to support their vision for the future. Enter, Mavenlink.

About Anywise

The Anywise Team has one simple mission: Partner with clients to establish a framework for business improvement and source the right service providers to ensure that support is delivered to a high standard, on time, and at a price that represents good value. In order to achieve this, the team at Anywise fosters collaboration, open and transparent communication, and leverages systems that build client confidence. As such, the team prides themselves on their agility and ability to form flexible teams.

The Challenge

Anywise Consulting struggled with efficient reporting as their data lived across many disparate systems. The amount of manual labor required to consolidate data was not realistic for the Anywise team. According to Steve Kouloumendas, the principal consultant at Anywise, “Before Mavenlink, we used a mashup of about five different systems. We had to export all the data we had into Google Sheets. It was very labor intensive, and difficult to manage the accuracy of data.”

Anywise was concerned about the time and profits being lost while manually compiling data, but the biggest issue surrounded the fact that the team could not make informed or timely decisions to better the business. According to Steve, “the time to make decisions was not as fast as it could be. We had to make uninformed decisions or would have to delay decisions if we wanted them to be informed.” The team at Anywise knew that their reporting needed to be more timely. A new solution would be required to make better, more timely business decisions.

What Mavenlink Replaced

  • Manual Data Entry to Excel
  • Google Sheets
  • Timesheets
  • Teamwork Projects


  • Reduced Administrative Costs by More Than 30%
  • Reduced Time Spent on Reporting by Over 60%
  • Gained New Insights into Project and Business Performance
  • Empowered Managers and Team Members
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